At the height of the pandemic when everyone was forced to stay indoors to protect from the virus, a quiet and safe outdoor getaway was developed within DEAF Inc. Laguna. It is a joint venture with Overland Kings of Mr. Joel C. Pedro.

The Silent Sanctuary Recreation Campgrounds is a perfect place for outdoor adventurers, camping afficionados, and everyone who simply wants to enjoy cool and fresh air, and spend some time out of the city.

SSRC welcomed its first campers in September 2020 and since been one of the most sought-after camping destinations not far from Metro Manila. There are 5 camp areas to choose from: Island Campsite, Lakeview Campsite, Mountain View Campsite, Grasslands, and the Clubhouse, each offering a unique experience everyone can enjoy.

All proceeds of SSRC go to the funding of DEAF Inc. School. Campers don’t only get to build lasting camping memories but they also get to take part in helping more deaf Filipinos achieve their goals.

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Silent Sanctuary Recreation Campgrounds